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Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain Factory
The history of Imperial porcelain factory(IPM, LFZ) is inseparably linked with history of Russia, and its production – the Russian art porcelain – is presented in collections of the largest museums of the world. The imperial porcelain factory founded in 1744 in St. Petersburg under the decree of the daughter of Peter the Great empress Elizabeth became the first porcelain enterprise in Russia and the third in Europe.
It is here where the talented Russian scientist D.I.Vinogradov (1720–1758) discovered a secret of production of "white gold".
Products of Imperial porcelain factory which are created by artists of top-class, strike with the beauty and refinement of judges from around the world here already nearly three hundred years, being an embodiment of beauty, elegance and a delicate taste.
Imperial porcelain is a symbol of refinement and luxury of your house, reflection of your unique style. It decorates interiors of houses of persons, whose taste doesn't raise doubts. Among them – the former first lady of the USA Laura Bush, the former first lady of Brazil Marisa Letisija Lula da Silva, the queen of Malaysia Tengku Fauziya Abdoul Rasheed, the first lady of Mexico Marta Sakhagun. Director Valery Fokin, well-known performers Elena Obraztsova, Mireille Mathieu and many other famous people.